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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Read for Free ... Pay $5

After a little light hacking (replacing issue dates in the URL), I found the online newsletter that last week ran my sister Julia's article: Cruising with Dietary Restrictions. Check it out.

She's already received two fan letters:
"I’m usually too lazy to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter, but this time I just had to say thanks for the “Cruising with Dietary Restrictions” article." --K.S.

"Thank you for the article "Dining with Dietary Restrictions on the Disney Cruise Line" written by Julie Mikesell. It was well written and informative. We have multiple severe food allergies in our family. ... Our family has always been wanting to take a Disney cruise, and this article has reassured me that we will be able to dine on the cruise with confidence that our needs will be met." --A.L.H.
Julia has also received at least one request to reprint the article in another newsletter.

In other news, The Wittenburg Door has announced the table of contents for its Nov/Dec '06 issue. My short's on the list:
2007 CCM Concert Forecast
Coming to a medium-sized venue near you: Reliant K.C. and the Sunshine Band!
But it's not available for a free read online, sorry. Gotta buy it to read it. From the selection of freebies this time around, it looks like everybody's ox is going to be gored multiple times.

Can't wait.

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Hey Mike, er, Chris, congrats to you, too!
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Someone admits to being your sister?

:-) Shrill
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