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Friday, November 10, 2006

Randy Ingermanson on iTunes

If you've noticed my LastFM tracker in the sidebar today, you've seen it's been dominated by writer Randy Ingermanson. No, you can't buy his novels in audiobook format at the iTunes store, nor has he taken up the pan pipes and cut himself an album. (Ove Ingemarsson, a tenor sax jazzman, does have a handful of tracks available at iTMS, though.)

Instead, I've been listening to selections from his Fiction 201 course. It's deeply discounted through noon Monday ($35 instead of $65 for download; CD-preorder is $55 rather than $105), so if the linked page sounds at all up your creek get it now. Good stuff? Oh yeah.

In addition to being able to listen via iTunes (or any MP3-playing program), you can fire up a web browser and follow along with PowerPoint-esque pages. The package also includes PDF files to follow along with while listening to the Proposals section. (Learning the art of proposal writing is one of the things that separates fiction-writing "sophomores" from "freshmen.") I haven't explored Randy's "Snowflake" method, but I know people who swear by it; Snowflake goodies are also included with the CD/download.

If $35 is too much to swing right now, be sure to sign up for Randy's Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine. Good stuff there, too.


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