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Sunday, November 12, 2006

People Get Ready

Black Friday's coming. A dozen days away. Must. Stop. Hyper. Ventil. Ating.

Back in a simpler age you had to wait until the big fat Thanksgiving Day newspaper to find out what was going to be on sale at the mall the next day. Now sites like gottadeal.com and bfads.com leak the information early. Info like what? Read on.

Aunt Merlene looking for a Strait-Line Laser Level with 30' Range for Christmas? $4.99 at Ace Hardware.

Great Uncle Hubie sweet on Amy Grant but for some reason doesn't own any of her albums? Pick up Amy's "My Best Christmas" CD for $3.97 at Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack. Grab a handful of diodes while you're there to finish that robot you've been working on. World domination by New Year's, baby.

I have no idea what a "Fjadrar Inner Cushion" is, but if it's on somebody-you-know's wish list Ikea is practically giving them away for $5.99.

And don't feel limited to getting Christmas gifts. Someone you know need deworming? Tractor Supply Co. has a 25 lb. box for just over a dollar a pound (limit fifteen boxes). 'Course you can always wait until Christmas to give it to him/her, but sometimes it's nice to surprise a person with a gift "just because."

Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and other stores you might really go a'shopping at on the day after Thanksgiving have ads posted, too. Wally's has an Easy Bake Oven for $10. (Mmmmm ... easily baked <drool>)


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I'd never heard of Black Friday before. Must be an American thing....... along with that Thanksgiving thing we keep seeing in the movies.....

Sounds like fun!

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