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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

McDonald's Monopoly: Final Thoughts

Today's the last day to redeem game piece codes in the McDonald's online Monopoly game. Of the ten pieces I played today I wound up on Chance or Community Chest eight times (that's 200 Snapfish photos). In the past week I've won over 1,500 Snapfish pix -- well, 750 after splitting them with my sister who sent me the codes. Do I even have that many photos of the boy?

Did I ever land on a non-Chance or -CC prize? Once. Last Friday I had a run of three or four doubles (throw doubles and you get to roll again) that landed me halfway around the board on Free Parking. My sister and I are splitting a $150 Geek Squad (Best Buy) gift card. Seventy-five bucks is seventy-five bucks (add to it the $30+ in Best Buy Bucks from the premium chicken strips/sandwiches and it turns into a tidy sum indeed).

Anybody else experience good fortune? Want some Snapfish pix? Lemme know in the comments.

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