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Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Cornucopia of Philpix

Well, a bounty at any rate. A rich and plentiful harvest. Okay, four. But given the dearth around here lately, that should be plenty.

My folks have been in town since Thursday. A few years ago their arrival would have been met with a photo session even before the hugs and how-was-your-trip?s. Today the cameras came out in the final two, two-and-a-half hours. (Our camera at least; rumor has it there's a photo of Phil with the grandparents' dog on Day Two of the visit.) In a couple more years we better have chips in our heads that allow us to print off memories or there'll be no photo record of family get-togethers at all.

At church this morning Phil and his friend Maggie lit the first Advent candle. I'm hoping my folks got better pictures with their camera than we did with ours. This is the best of the bunch (and that only after fiddling with Photoshop settings). Santa, let's go camera shopping, huh?

After church it was off to lunch at the Mongolian Grill. And a mini-photoshoot:The grandparents headed out after lunch. By the time we got home Phil was missing them already. Bountiful photo record or no, clearly it was a good visit.

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