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Friday, December 01, 2006

Six Things -- Not Necessarily Sequentially

1: Phil's new shoe size. Went out to get him a new pair of shoes and he's out of the kid sizes already.

2: The Second Season of Babylon 5 is now available at the iTunes store.

3: This week's CFBA pick is the third book in the Landon Snow series: L.S. and the Island of Arcanum. I haven't managed to finish it yet, but what I've read so far is very good. Check out other CFBA members Kevin Lucia and Val Comer, as well as author R.K. Mortenson's website -- landonsnow.com -- for more info. (Val's giving away a copy of the book, and also has a link to a free Landon Snow -- move over, Grinch! -- Christmas short story.) I hope to have a Book Chat with Randy up in the next few days.

11: At 11 o'clock this morning we went to a parent-teacher conference to find out how the boy's doing. In Spinal Tap terms, he's gone all the way to 11 with reading. Math's not far behind. Great job, Phil!

6: Phil has the attention span of a six year old. That and his penmanship were the only things his teacher said he needed to work on.

24: Days left until Christmas. Phil -- have I mentioned he's doing well in school? -- figured this out in his head (what's twenty-five minus one?).

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