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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chatty Me

Meant to blog on this yesterday, but got so caught up in a multi-hour chat session I forgot. Should you have Yahoo! Messenger (Yahoo's chat service) and want to chat sometime, my user-ID is ctmikesell.

I've never been much into chat before, but since Google added it to the Gmail service I've been warming to it. Last night there were seven of us conferencing on YM right before I had to leave the party and watch House (enough with Tritter already!). The cross-conversations with that many people can be headache inducing, but also a lot of fun -- for instance, when one conversation's comment is immediately followed by a response from another conversation to humorous effect.
C: Happy birthday, Zoe!

M: That's what my son said while I was doing laundry.

C: Your son wished the laundry a happy Zoe birthday?

-- end scene --

So let's chat. I check in several times a day to see if anyone I know is lurking; add me to your list and send me an invite and I might find you next time I'm on. And I'll try to keep the "taffy taffy taffy" comments to a minimum.

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2 Snarky Remarks:

Too funny, I didn't catch the laundry thing live.

That was fun. Thanks for the invite, Chris.
Blogger Angie Poole, at 6:11 PM  
Wow, kinda glad you highlighted that. I didn't catch that either.


But then again, I was laughing at my son's analogy of the laundry pile to an erupting volcano.
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 7:42 PM  

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