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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another 'nother Notch in My Belt

Back in May I blogged about finding a favorite old belt and punching an extra notch in it so it would fit after I had lost some weight.

Well, this morning I went and added another hole. The belt fits in the sense that it's holding up my pants better now, but it has an extra two inches of strap hanging at the loose end. Not very stylish.

Maybe Santa will drop off a Swiss Army Knife with reamer/punch function this year. Maybe one with a saw, too, so I can remove the excess beltage.

And those Levi's? Soooo unattractive on me ... but they are on me.



2 Snarky Remarks:

Maybe just a new belt?

Congrats...seriously. I think we've fallen off the wagon over here and gained a few pounds back that we'd lost.

Need to get back to counting the points and doing the Pilates.
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 11:54 PM  
Very good. You have much more discipline than I. I'm not looking forward to standing on the scales when I have my annual physical next week. But you know what my mom sent me for Christmas? A subscription to Light & Tasty magazine. I don't think she's hinting, though I think she's heard me say I need to lose weight. But maybe it will help. Of course, cutting out the grape soda would help, too. :)
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:08 AM  

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