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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another TitleTrakk Win

Meant to blog on this yesterday but the Yoo-Hoo and Ho-Ho partying for the short story sale left me feeling bloated and logy (once the sugar rush wore off).

Anyhoo, I won TitleTrakk's Railroad Spike Contest again! (Really, people, you can't win if you don't enter -- and if you don't win, apparently I do...) Proud (soon-to-be) owner of Craig Parshall's legal thriller Custody of the State (Harvest House). Thanks TitleTrakk!

This week, TitleTrakk is running a First Line Contest: They print the opening line of a novel, you track it down by hook*, crook**, or Google.

So please, for the love of books, enter the contest this time, huh?

*Hooking is not legal in most states; TitleTrack not responsible for fines and/or jail-time accrued in the pursuit of solving the First Line Contest puzzle.

**Likewise, crooking.

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