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Monday, October 02, 2006

Ask, Receive

Back in August I asked if there had ever been a Daily Show/Godstuff episode devoted solely to Jonathan Bell. Well, behold: Godstuff #30.

There's a bonus Jonathan Bell moment at the end of Episode #31. Along with a lot of other weird stuff. Yay!

In all likelihood, in a few weeks the above link will no longer feature GS30. It'll still have classic Godstuff moments, just not the referenced ep. In that case, head on over to You Tube. But 'til then, use the Wittenburg Door link and be sure to peruse the fine merchandise and magazine back issues while you're there. (Click the banner ad at the top of the screen for their free newsletter; their non-made-up stuff is often funnier than the stuff that makes it into the magazine.)

And they thank you for your support.


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