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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't-Miss Videos

Over at her Kanner Lake site, Brandilyn Collins has added a video where she talks about the series, and Violet Dawn in particular. If you'd like to find out more about the book, the series, and/or Brandilyn's brand of "seatbelt suspense," check it out. Added bonus, by familiarizing yourself with her voice, it'll be like she's reading the book(s) to you herself. What a deal.

And a few more that have absolutely nothing in common with the preceding vid:

The Wittenburg Door has a couple doozies in their Godstuff collection this week. Anyone know if they ever devoted a whole segment to Jonathan Bell? That little guy tops Bob Tilton and Dr. Gene Scott. What a hoot. (And if you need more Bob Tilton, behold: Farting Preacher 1-5 at Google Video. What a -- dare I say it? I dare -- what a gas.)

I understand that not everyone who enjoys dead bodies in a hot tub will also get a kick out of religious satire -- and vice versa -- but if you're one of the "eclectic" few, consider exploring Brandilyn's catalog and taking out a Door subscription.


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