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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Party On, Wayne Well

At some point today Chris Well will turn 40 and as I've mentioned already, everyone who buys his novel Deliver Us from Evelyn from Amazon (use the link) through noon tomorrow gets some fabulous party favors.

But maybe you're asking yourself, Can this guy write? I can eat pretty good off the Taco Bell value menu for the $9.83 Amazon's charging. Why should I order the book and wait 5-8 days for delivery when I can have a mess of Pintos and Cheese right now.

First off, Well's book isn't going to give you near the gas you'll get from the pintos. Your loved ones wanted me to point that out right off the bat.

Second, you can read samples of Chris' writing online. A try before you buy sort of thing. (Try asking for a taster spoon of nacho cheese sauce at the Bell.) Check out the first chapter of Evelyn.

What about the Freebies? Are they worth the money I'm not paying for them? Here's a sample of one of the short stories: Naked Truth (involves no actual nudity, some actual truth).

Lists? Bread, milk, eggs. There's a list; can't imagine anyone getting excited about that, though. Here's one of my favorites, along with STUFF WE HOPE WE NEVER SEE IN CHRISTIAN RETAIL STORES and BAKED POTATO TOPPINGS WE'LL NEVER TRY (AGAIN):

1/ You thought he was an elf until you heard the accent.

2/ Hoards potatoes like they’re going out of style.

3/ Always wears green, even after Labor Day.

4/ Sure, he grants all your wishes, but there are always horrible consequences.

5/ Leaves St. Patrick’s Day lights up until the middle of July.
Funny stuff there.

Comics? Whatnot? Check out The Miller Sister drawn by Chris's wife, Erica. This is someone with skills, not that person who had you guessing "snake bacon" when you were playing Pictionary. As for Whatnot, hey it can't all be SIGNS YOUR NEIGHBOR MIGHT BE A LEPRECHAUN.

Plus, the party's not just about what you get. It's about what you're giving, too. Chris is hoping for his book to hit #1 on Amazon before the event is over. As of 2pm it was at 1,133. He's got a ways to go, but it's possible he can make it. If you join in the fun. (note to my nephew, Nick, whose own birthday is coming up in a few months: consider yourself in on the fun. happy day to you, too.)

If you need some suggestions to run your tab up to $25 to qualify for free shipping, consider Well's first novel, Forgiving Solomon Long, and Tony Hines's thriller, Waking Lazarus.


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