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Friday, July 28, 2006

Don't Buy Deliver Us From Evelyn

...until August 9th.

I know, I know. I've hyped Chris Well's novel here several times already (here for instance), even written a review for it on Amazon (which I hyped here, too). So why am I suggesting you delay buying the book for a couple more weeks?

Wealth? Fame? Being part of something bigger than yourself?

Yes. Yes! YES!!!

Here's the deal. August 9th is Chris Well's 40th birthday and for approximately $10 -- the price of DUfE at Amazon -- you're invited to the party. What's he handing out by way of party favors?

Wealth: You'll receive a wealth of bonus material culled from Chris's numerous years as a writer. Short stories, humorous Lists (Bad Valentine #5: "You're like the aunt I never had."), comics, and assorted other goodies -- including a sneak peek at Book Three of Well's Kansas City Blues series: Kingdom Come.

Fame: Your name in print! Everyone who buys the book at Amazon as part of this deal will be thanked by name in Kingdom Come. Probably not in the first chapter, but somewhere in the book (most likely a special section, separate from the story ... I'm hoping for an intermission mid-way through).

Be a part of something bigger than yourself: Chris's reason for the promo goes beyond selling his book. It's his goal to be #1, at least as Amazon reckons things. No one knows for certain how Ammy figures her rankings, but there's a suspicion that a fair number of sales in a brief period of time can have a substantial effect in the book's position. So rather than encourage buyers to buy his book today or tomorrow (or any time prior to the 9th), Well is asking to set that money aside (in a very short term, very high yield money market account, perhaps) and buy his book in a couple weeks. He's not aware of anyone gaming the system like this for a fiction title (several authors/publishers have done it for non-fiction books), so you could be a part of history.

I'll probably mention this a time or three before the ninth. Chris has given me permission to tease some of the advance materials he's leaked my way. Rather than dump it all here and now, I'll spread it out over a few posts.

Stay tuned.


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