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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Are You Psych'd?

Last Friday I declared my abiding love for the new TV show, Psych. Okay, abiding love is a bit strong, but only a bit.

If you don't get USA Network or 10pm is past your bedtime, don't despair. iTunes is passing out the series premiere this week free. If you're on dial-up, the download might be complete by Friday at 10. Even so, it's worth tying up the phoneline for.

Check it out!

[7/17, 11:07pm: Even with broadband it took forever for this to download. My favorite line? "In the spirit world things get jumbled and out of sequence." Okay, maybe you have to see the whole scene; but trust me ... it's wonderful.]


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OMIGOSH, that show rocks.

I cannot wait to see if they take it to higher levels or bog it down. The lead character is delightful.

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