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Sunday, July 23, 2006

In da House

After church this afternoon Phil and I went to see the new movie Monster House.

IN 3-D.

Best 3-D experience ever.

Above average movie. Some funny bits. Some scary bits. Some inappropriate bits that went over the boy's head. Touchy-feely ending. A Fred Willard/Catherine O'Hara pairing that's even better than the usual Eugene Levy/O'Hara match-up.

Not sure if it should have had a) a point or b) a clearer point, if in fact it had one, but it's probably better not to dwell on such things. Still, worth it if for nothing else than the excellent 3-D (which was never really exploited in a "House of Wax paddleball" kind of way) and the second pop-bottle bit in JD's bedroom.

If you have the choice between the 3-D and non- versions at your local multiplex, go extradimensional. It's worth the extra buck-fifty and you get to keep the polarized-lens specs.


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