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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Come Join the Party

Two things of update on Chris Well's Deliver Us from Evelyn party coming up next week.
  1. Although Chris turns 40 on the 9th, the party begins at 6pm on the 8th and continues until noon on the 10th. Anytime during those hours, buy the book at Amazon and e-mail Chris your order confirmation code to get in on the fun.

  2. One lucky party member will win $144 worth of mysteries and thrilllers from Chris's publisher, Harvest House. When you send in your confirmation code, be sure to say "Chris Mikesell sent me." That way if you win, I win, too.

To recap: Between 6pm, August 8 and noon, August 10 buy Deliver Us from Evelyn at Amazon. Before the end of August 11 (Tennessee-time, where Chris lives, just to be safe), e-mail your Ammy confirmation code to Birthday06@StudioWell.com with the message "Chris Mikesell sent me."

If you already have DUfE, consider buying it and Forgiving Solomon Long as a Christmas present or birthday gift for a friend or family member. Anniversary present spouse-to-spouse, not so much--but the first anniversary is paper, so if someone asked you to be in their wedding party a year ago, now you know what to buy them.


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