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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Coastin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

Here's another photo set from our weekend at the coast. We're home now (sorry to spoil the ending) and the photos that wouldn't upload yesterday did mostly fine today. Look for more from the trip later this week.

After a donut run to Fred Meyer (would've patronized a local shop, but couldn't find a donuteria on Hwy 101), Phil, Poppa, Dina, and I headed down to the beach. We quickly found a bunch of crab parts (this Tuesday's show and tell) and then came across a weird lump of sand. Phil was the first to suggest it was a jellyfish. I rubbed some sand off the surface and, sure enough, he was right. Here's the boy and the beastie. Mom's no wimp; she touched the jellyfish, too. (If you're curious, it felt like the soft rubber jellyfish available in finer nautical toy and novelty shops; lifelike? they mean it.)

After the invertebrate encounter, Phil flew his kite until it became frustratingly clear the wind wasn't going to cooperate for more than 30 seconds at a time. Still, Saturday and Sunday's kite flying (Sunday's wasn't much better) was the best use of Phil's kite we've had in two years (the winds here don't cooperate at all).

We all piled into our rental car and headed down the road to the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center. Cool Yellow Submarine outside; no Liverpudlians or Blue Meanies in sight. Inside we were greeted by a Giant Pacific Octopus. Later Phil got up close and almost personal with a turtle, frog, and an interactive exhibit.

Next we drove to lunch (Subway) and the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Going up the stairs -- all bazillion and eight of them -- was not a great deal of fun. Coming down was much easier (going down and coming up from the beach and hotel was a similar experience). Seeing the lighthouse light was worth the trip, though. (Anyone know the number of a qualified sherpa who can shlep me around the house until I recover from shin splints?)

The views north and south of Yaquina Head weren't too shabby from ground level. Several whales were playing well out of camera range just east of the "north" shot. Saw a whale's fluke rise out of the water just west of the "south" view; would've made a great picture if I'd had the camera ready and trained on that spot of ocean for the half second the tail was visible.

Then dinner, then a bunch of Power Rangers on TV for Phil and I-don't-know-what for Dina (I was off on a quest of my own), then bed time. Sweet, sweet bed time. Aaaah...

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