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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Snark or Boojum

Just a quick survey to see if the comments section here has collapsed completely. (Haven't had any comments since the 8th and my sister-in-law has said she's been unable to comment in the past; granted, she's not the most bulletproof fish in the barrel when it comes to computers, but that's neither here nor there -- mostly it's just an simile I wanted to try out ... Love you, Brenda.)

So, Snark or Boojum? Leave a comment.

If you can't post a comment, either as a Blogger or Other or Anonymous, send me an e-mail at: chris-dot-mikesell@casco-dot-net where -dot- is a period.

(Wikipedia's Hunting of the Snark entry; links to Carroll's poem at the bottom of the page.)


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I'm game. Here's looking at you, kid. Hope you get this.
Blogger JediQB, at 9:23 AM  

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