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Friday, September 08, 2006

Musical Deals

Looking for inexpensive tunes? The iTunes Music Store has a bunch of albums on sale for $6.99 (though some on the pages are more expensive). I heartily recommend the Plumb album on the second page (Chaotic Resolve); what I've heard of the Brandi Carlile on page one is good, too.

If you're late to the iPod revolution -- or need another gadget -- you can get a free-after-rebate MP3 player from Staples. It's not an Apple-branded player -- so it won't work with iTunes without burning a CD and then re-ripping -- but it's free (after rebate) and Christmas is coming. Looks like it doesn't go on sale 'til Sunday, so don't jump the gun and get stuck for $50. Amazon has product specs.


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