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Monday, September 04, 2006

Need Points?

Of course you do.

Points for what? Who knows. The thing is, they're being given away and you've got to, got to have them.

But, Chris, you ask, where can I get these points that I've got to, got to have?

Head on over to the Google Image Labler. The labeler is a game where you're paired with another player and both shown the same image. You and your partner start entering keywords until you come up with a match. Then you're shown another image. Make as many matches as possible in 90 seconds, 100 points per match. You and your partner can agree to pass; no penalty, but no points either.

Right now I have 90,000 points. I'm #219 in the all-time rankings. Woo-hoo.

What are some tips to help you score early and often? Don't overthink. If the picture is of a group of people, start with the words group and people. Then worry about whether they're students or a family or if the setting is a classroom or dinner. If the picture is of a vaguely-familiar historical figure, don't obsess about it being Bacon, Locke, or Newton: man will usually suffice. Listing predominant colors or legible words is also useful strategy.

Once in a while you'll get a sample with "off-limits" words. Presumably these are words that Google has found "winning" over a period of time. Don't worry about them. You can't win with them, but worrying about whether to list them or not is just a timeburning distraction.

Finally, pay attention to what the other person has suggested. After you match up on a photo, it drops down to the bottom of your screen. You can position your mouse cursor over it to see what the other player guessed. If you're stumped, doing this can give you a clue as to whether they're going for colors or background details or what.

Above all, play consistently. If you and your partner win on one photo with man and the next photo is of a woman giving a speech, go with woman and not hairdo, podium, and speaker as a recent "partner" of mine did. <grrrr>

Have fun!


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