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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back to School Preview

Having purchased back-to-school school supplies last weekend, all that was left to do today was get the boy a haircut and fill out his wardrobe a bit more. After church this morning, and lunch, and a surprise gift from the new Build-A-Bear Workshop in Valley River Center, we detoured back home to get Dina (and drop off the aforementioned gift) and let the adventure begin.

Here's what Phil's end-of-summer 'do looked like: [photo]. No, Phil isn't taller than Dina quite yet; she's hunkered down.

So the hair got cut, then we headed over to Value Village for some clotheshorse savings. Got some nice schoolwear and three jackets of varying weights; Phil had peaked in last year's selections by February and was looking a bit silly by the time the weather finally warmed up mid-April. Could've saved 50% tomorrow, but the stuff we got was worth what we paid for it and would've been swooped up by doorbusting vultures had we waited. (Likewise, we were in and out of the haircut before you could say "Ring Lardner"; they're expecting nonstop back-to-school business tomorrow.)

On the way home we stopped by Phil's school. Dina and I have been banned from first-day-of-school drop-off (we do get to pick up his royal pain-in-the- personage, though, lucky us), so we thought we'd see what things are looking like. Here he is sporting his new hairstyle outside the first grade classroom: [photo].

The day after tomorrow is coming on fast. Phil can barely contain himself -- the thought of three recesses sends him into a giggling fit.

Stay tuned.


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