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Saturday, September 02, 2006

More Maury

Maury Chaykin is one of my favorite character actors. From a nerd in WarGames to Nero Wolfe to the butterfly/moth in the BMW short film, Hostage, I can't think of a project I've seen him in that I haven't liked.

A few weeks ago Dina tried out the new Sci-Fi series, Eureka. She mentioned Chaykin was in the pilot, so when said pilot showed up for free download on iTunes this week I gave it a shot. Yep. Doesn't suck. Apparently, Chaykin hasn't been in any of the regular episodes, but it seems to be a solid show nonetheless. (A couple ooky moments in the pilot when animals come in contact with an anomolous plot device, but other than that it's an enjoyable show, Matt Frewer's accent excepted.)

There's a six-hour marathon on September 6th. The pilot isn't part of it, so download and watch it first. Then set the VCR/Tivo/recordable DVD player for the rest.

If/while you're over at the iTunes store, check out a free short film Covert. (Only a couple people who read the blog would get it if I made an Ed, Big Ed or Robert joke here, so I'll refrain.)


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