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Sunday, September 10, 2006

What To Do Tuesday?

Do I drive all around town trying to find the best deal on the release of the original versions of Star Wars Episodes IV-VI on DVD or stay plugged in online drooling over the new Apple goodies being announced?

Decisions, decisions.

Shopko has the lowest advertised price, $17.99, but Circuit City has a "too low to print" price in their Sunday ad (their website says $15). The guy back in electronics at Wally's said they'd have it for $15 (though he hedged with "I think;" their website says $19 and change).

Of course, I can't afford anything Apple will be announcing -- still wishing, dreaming, drooling is fun. Well, drooling with a good reason; the inability to control your salivary glands means you're going to wind up with a Depends on your head. Best to plan your salivatin' days well in advance.

Stay tuned.


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