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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1,000th Post

Tell your friends. You were there.

In other news, I stayed home and caught the liveblogging of Apple's rilly big shew in San Francisco this morning. Flipped back and forth between macrumors and engadget -- macrumors automagically updated their synthesis of a couple online reports every minute; had to manually refresh engadget, but they had pictures.

The new iPods look groovy, but I still like mine fine. I have 9GB available (about a third of the original space). The $50 price drop coming six months later isn't a heartbreaker; not getting twice the hard drive space isn't a big deal either (what'm I gonna do with 39 free gigs of space?).

iTunes 7, though: Wow! The new "cover browser" view is slicker than just about any slick thing you can think of (snot on a doorknob comes to mind, but I don't want to commit you to that analogy). It makes scrolling through your music tracks superfun (yes, superfun: like fun with heat vision or the ability to thumb-wrestle really well). Seriously, it's worth the download time.

Where's that leave the Star Wars DVDs? Dina had to run to town, so she's gonna grab the trilogy at Circuit City (plus "limited edition collectors lithographs" -- Phil's college fund says KA-ching!).

It's a thrice-over good day to be alive.


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This is what I get for spending three fun-filled days in Ames, Iowa -- I missed congratulating you on your 1,000th post. So congrats a few days late! And I agree, iTunes 7 is pretty sharp.
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