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Monday, September 25, 2006


Phil played his first soccer game of the season this evening. Mostly as a stopper, but he got to range the field as a wing for a quarter and a half. (The first/second graders do a good job fielding stopper/sweeper/goalie positions; everything else is chaos.)

Here's a photo of Phil's first stop of the game (he's made his block and is getting back in position). It came late in the first quarter when the opposing team finally made into Laker territory. Phil didn't hesitate; he charged the ball and took it away from the other team's star player. Go Phil!

Here's the boy adjusting his shin pads before the game.

Late in the third quarter one of Phil's classmates, Jeffrey, kicked a long roller that scooted past all the defenders on the opposing team's goal. Score one for the Lakers! The other team kept it interesting in the final quarter, hanging around our goal a lot, but nothing got past our goalie, Jordon.

Final score: 1-0; Season record: 1-0-0

Next game is Friday.

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