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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coastin' 3: Dream Warriors

Here's the final photo set of the trip.

We started the day with another attempt to fly Phil's kite (1  2). Once again, not so much flying as getting it airborne and then winding the string back up half a minute later. Oh well.

After packing and leaving the hotel, but before arriving at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Dina, Phil and I detoured to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. It's not as photogenic as the one at Yaquina Head, but the parking lot has nice views of the Yaquina Bay bridge and jetty. Here's Phil at the bridge.

About halfway through our visit to the aquarium the focus decided to go out on my digital camera. A reboot fixed it, but I neglected to go back and re-shoot the jellyfish. What I have looks like this:
After that it was back in the car, down to dinner in Florence, and up the winding highways to home. A good weekend. Thanks to Grammy & Poppa for making it possible.

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