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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

That Filling Feeling

Phil went to the dentist today for his first (and hopefully last for a while) filling. It was on a molar that he's not likely to lose for quite some time, so we had it filled rather than trust his oral hygiene skills to keep it safe for the next few years. (Said "skills" got him into this mess in the first place.)

On the way into town I reviewed with him what was likely to happen. 'Cause I saw it in a movie ... yeah, that's it: no first-hand knowledge here folks. First the numbing swab, then the shot for total numbing. Then the drill. Then the filling. Other than needing to be reminded to keep his "chin pointed to the sky" (or where the sky would be if our dentist had an outdoor practice) and mouth open wide, the boy made it through fine.

Even got two toys from the prize box and a 10% discount for good behavior. Score!

(I hope rewarding his dealing well with the consequences of bad behavior isn't going to result in more bad behavior that he can deal well with. Someone cross-stitch Romans 6:1-2a into a sampler for me, pronto. Thanks.)


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