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Friday, July 06, 2007

What I Like About Texas #37

At most barbecue restaurants here foods are divided into three categories: meat, bread, vegetable. OK, and dessert. The point is anything that's not a meat or a bread is a veggie. Green beans, corn, and okra? Vegetables (obviously). But so are BBQ beans, mac 'n cheese, potatoes of all varieties. Why could these not have been offered as veggie choices when I was growing up.

Tonight I went to a new-to-me restaurant, Black-Eyed Pea. Had the chicken-fried steak with jalapeño gravy. My veggie choices? Mashed potatoes (with more jalapeño gravy) and deep-fried corn on the cob.

What's not to like?

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4 Snarky Remarks:

Hey, you forgot the beverage choices: coffee, ice-tea, or coke (translated is "soft drink")

Black-Eyed Pea is a nice place to eat--a little too fancy for home cooking but too plain for date night.

P.S. Jalapeno gravy is not authentic Texan. That's just for show :-)
Blogger Angie Poole, at 8:57 PM  
oh, and what in tarnation is ALSW?
Blogger Angie Poole, at 9:07 PM  
Well, for-show or not, it sure was tasty. And, yes, the answer to "what kind of Coke you want?" is occasionally Diet Dr Pepper...

ALSW = Avuncular Lone Star Webfoot. From this post
Blogger Chris, at 9:27 PM  
I'm sure the Coca-Cola company loves having their trademark stomped on by the South.

Deep fried corn on the cob? I have to try that.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 10:56 PM  

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