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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Misfits Misalign!

That's the rallying cry of my writers group's Tuesday- and Friday-night online chat sessions. Sort of like "Wonder Twin Powers, Activate" only there are eight of us and, other than the power to handily split infinitives with a single adverb, our "wonder powers" lack the jaw-dropping awesomeness of, say, turning into a bucket of dingy mop water (yes, I mock you, Zan).

Not that we're powerless. We write; that's "mightier than the sword," they say. Someday we might (speaking for myself, at least) be able to wield such a power without stabbing ourselves in the foot. We laugh, and they (the coiners of aphorisms, if no one else) say that's "the best medicine." How can something with the might of the first bring the healing of the second? It's one of those Zen riddles like "if a tree in the lonesome forest falls on a one-handed clapping man what time does the train from Chicago get to Cincinnati?" Wonder powers, indeed.

Anyhoo, we've started a group blog: The Misfits. Each of us posts a different day (two alternate Sundays). I'm Friday. Blog topics are wide open; most are likely to be writing-related. But who knows? C'mon by and see.

(And if a tree should start to suddenly fall, step away from the man clapping single-handedly before checking your watch.)

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Shoot, you should have written a press release for us. I was lucky I remembered to even post about it.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 2:05 PM  
I just checked it out -- very cool. I can relate. :)
Blogger lindaruth, at 8:07 AM  

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