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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There Go Those Belt Holes

On Monday, author Lisa Samson blogged on Chicken-Fried Bacon, the claim-to-fame specialty at Sodolak's Steak House in Snook, Texas.

Now she's come across YouTube video of the delicacy. Just watching the video added about 20 pounds to my belly. But, mmmmmmmmmmm.

Dina's heading off to an Camp Association conference in Austin first part of next year. She just might have to make a side trip and bring me home a doggy bag. (If I'm going to have to carry around these 20 extra pounds I WANT MY BACON!!!)

(and maybe one of those two-pound steaks.)

(and since I'm earning the 20 pounds the hard way, an order of the onion rings ... no, make that a triple.)


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