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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Despite falling behind in the first half, the Triangle Lake Lakers rallied in the third quarter, scoring twice -- with a third goal ruled invalid due to bad posture (our player slipped on the wet field and the play was ruled an "illegal slide kick"). The 2-1 victory moves the team to 2-1-0 for the season.

Our more-powerful players did a good job remembering to keep after the ball even after it heads toward the goal. They had been letting the opposing goalie a free run up to the ball once it entered the penalty box area; one of our goals (and the disallowed one) came after our player kept attacking the ball.

Phil played one quarter as stopper, one as a midfieldman. He's slightly bummed about what he hasn't done (scored a goal), I'm trying to get him to focus on what he has (played good D).

Next game's Thursday. We're bringing post-game snacks.



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