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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Nanny I Need Is Nanny McPhee.

And have her, I do. Or soon will.

Over at Infuze Magazine, they're giving away ten copies of the Nanny McPhee DVD. Well seven, now, since the first three have already been awarded. The third one to me.

Phil and I saw the movie at the cheap theater before it ended its run in Eugene. A good film -- not quite Mary Poppins, but then who/what is? -- and better than I had expected. Derek Jacobi is delightful as an assistant mortician and it's always a treat to see Angela Lansbury -- and Emma Thompson sans ooky-NMP-makeup is quite fetching (and not in the dog/stick fashion, either). Sure, you know how it's going to end (happily yet sadly), but at least the trip getting there is enjoyable.

And with Phil's birthday right around the corner, it's wonderful to know several weeks in advance what he's getting. Thanks Infuze!

Enter the contest here. (Visitors from the future, take note: the link will likely expire/roll over to a new contest soon after June 15, 2006.)

[Punk'd? As of this evening (6/9), I'm not showing up on the contest winners page. Tony Hines (an Infuze staffer, among other things) denies pulling a prank on me, but he still looks a bit shifty. Stay tuned.]

[Okay, my name's up now (6/12). Tony's in the clear ... for this; Jimmy Hoffa is still missing and there are a lot of trees in that forest to hide a body behind.]


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