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Friday, June 23, 2006

Mean Ol' Mr. Mouse Charger

A few months ago I bought a wireless rechargable mouse for my PowerBook. Unfortunately it didn't come with a charging cradle, just a cable. Since then I've been recharging using the cable and my iPod USB Power Adapter. It works, but I tended to forget to put the mouse on the charger before it ran out of juice.

So I went and made myself a charging cradle out of LEGOs. I picked up a set of 200 bricks for $3 and a $5 Bionicle, put 'em together, and in slightly more time than it takes to say voila, I had it made: kind of a castle mixed with Half Life tentacles (by way of a headcrab).

Here's a look:
With mouse "captured":
The tentacles/headcrab is on a hinge so it can be "up" or "down". When "down," it looks like this. (The first "back" picture was also in the "down" position, too.) I wish I could have found a way to incorporate the pincers and spinning disc, but the Bionicle set didn't interface well with the standard LEGOs. <sigh>

Plus it's home to my Skeleton Guy with top-hatted head mask. Ooooh, spooky.

(The day I picked up the LEGOs, I also got this Laptop Cooling Pad. Makes a big difference with the PowerBook, particularly when using the computer in my lap.)


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