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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Free Chapter ... Times Twelve!

Earlier this month I posted the first chapter of Chris Well's Deliver Us from Evelyn. Free first chapters online are fairly common, probably more the rule than the exception these days. Chris's first chapter deal was unique-ish in that 40+ blogs participated in posting it online (pushing DUfE as high as #5 on Technorati's Book List).

But Brandilyn Collins is going a step further. A dozen steps, in fact. As one of several promotional "events" for her upcoming novel Violet Dawn, she's serializing the first twelve chapters of the book, giving them out over a seven-week period: July 7th through August 18th. The twelfth chapter of the giveaway no doubt coinciding with the book's August debut.

Check out the new Violet Dawn website. Click on the "read an excerpt" link below the cover shot to sign up for an e-mail reminder announcing newly available chapters.

Warning: Don't sign up for the free chapters unless you're prepared to buy the book (or wait for it at the library or swipe it from a friend). By the time the twelfth chapter rolls around you can't not know how it ends.

And since maybe you're expecting to get a free chapter now for reading this post, Tony Hines has the first chapter of Waking Lazarus available for free download (good stuff, Maynard!) as well as a video teaser to get you psyched for his book.


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