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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Did You Lose This Poem?

Last week, over at faith*in*fiction, Dave Long shared an example of Found Poetry:
I've been impressed with the "found poetry" in SPAM. Have you looked at the wonderfully crazy assortment of words that spam emails contain? I have no idea what this nonsensical gibberish is for...but I enjoy it for the slightest of seconds before deleting it forever.
I was about to empty my trash mailbox this evening when I thought I'd see what message the spam-lords were sending me, cryptically, subliminally.


Open My Hairpiece Highboy Pizza

Sagomac myjo kaseryza wypy gozupic nelazu.
                                    [– faux Baltoslavic proverb]

Your health,
      nose hitch, Mid-europe;
Your health,
      one-oclock, pearl diabase.
Your cash,
      outlet plate.

      goat-toothed, Pro-soviet;
      potassium hypoantimonate.
      slave market.

Amazing stuff
            (your future),
      coffee borer
                  (oak gall).

("Author" note: I removed the word "an" from the beginning of the title; the words of the "Baltoslavic" proverb were each received individually as the title of spam messages; where I've indented and separated with commas, each two-word phrase was preceded by the two-word phrase and comma of the line preceding it (i.e., I had four e-mail titles beginning "Your health," and three with "Fun,"); the parenthesized words were combined to form a single spam title; all the semicolons and periods were added by me.)

What masterpiece is lurking your spam folder?


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