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Monday, June 12, 2006


Yeah, it's 1am-ish. I took a nap yesterday afternoon and couldn't fall asleep at bedtime.

So roundabout midnight I checked Brandilyn Collins' blog. Her posts frequently auto-update at that time (or her webperson can't sleep either), and I thought maybe the list of Scenes and Beans Bloggers (SBGs) might be posted.

It was.

And my name was on it.

I'm one-quarter of the character Wilbur Hucks, resident curmudgeon of Kanner Lake, Idaho. I join David Meigs, Wayne Scott, and Kjersten Nickleby in the role. I recognize David's name from his blog, along with the names of quite a few of the other SBGs. I met Jennifer Tiszai and Mike Snyder at Mount Hermon (they're on the left side of this photo); I forwarded my Advance Review Copy (ARC) to Michelle Pendergrass, and I'm thrilled she's also got a part in the character blog [as well as Rebecca (Becca) Carter, who Michelle forwarded the ARC to when she was done with it].

Said character blog is located here. It's undergoing some construction at the moment, so be sure to bookmark it. Yes, I'll crow every time I get something posted, but there's a lot of talent represented on the blog so don't limit yourself to just my posts.

Speaking of crowing when I get something posted, Brandilyn included snippets of the audition posts below the list of Scenes and Beans Bloggers. The Wilbur Hucks snippet (just before the hyphenated separator) came from mine.

Congrats to all the SBGs. This looks like a fun, fun time.

[edited to change SBBs to SBGs -- I'm not entirely sure where the G comes from; another of the mysteries for which Brandilyn is famous]


7 Snarky Remarks:

Congratulations! That's very cool. See, staying up late has it's benefits. :)
Blogger lindaruth, at 7:34 AM  
Well I was apparently fast asleep when they were announced, so I didn't see it until I checked Bloglines this morning. It was nice news to wake up to. And I was glad to see your name there among a few other of my friends. Should be a fun project.
Blogger Jennifer Tiszai, at 1:39 PM  
Big congrats to you, Chris. Somehow I think your 1/4 of Wilber is going to be especially snarky. ;)
Blogger Stuart, at 8:56 PM  
Way to go Wilbur!
Blogger The Curmudgeon's Rant, at 9:28 PM  


Did you notice Becca Carter got a part too?!

This is gonna be a blast!!
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 10:19 PM  
Thanks, all.

Stuart: your avatar makes much more sense to me now.

Michelle: somehow I missed recognizing Rebecca Carter as Becca. That ARC was certainly charmed.
Blogger Chris, at 10:32 PM  
Indeed it was! Thanks man!!
Blogger Michelle Pendergrass, at 10:47 PM  

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