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Monday, June 19, 2006

Healthy Monday

A couple health-related sites this evening via WXPNews.

Loss of Natural Teeth by State: This webpage from StateMaster ranks the U.S. states (except Hawaii, for reasons unexplained) by the number of "[a]dults aged 65+ who have had all their natural teeth extracted." Boy howdy. If you like this webpage, be sure to check out Gonorrhea Rate by state (that rhymes!) and Twin Birth Ratio by state.

Space Doctor: This site from the Beeb puts you in the role of doctor on the first flight to Mars. Can you keep your 4-person crew alive? Will you resist shoving Yvan out the airlock? You make the decisions. You live (or not!) with the consequences. I, Dr. R. Egon Trayle, did just fine. How 'bout you?


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Well, Nina had some issues, but they all survived. I didn't kill anybody, but Yvan's a whiner. :)
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