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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Day to Me

Phil brought this bird feeder (1, 2) home with him at the end of the school year. Nice Arts & Crafts styling with crossed sticks (in an elongated octothorpe pattern), twine, earth-tone paint and lantern-esque design. Very snazzy.

He and I went out to the movies after church. Saw Cars, much better than I had anticipated. Not that I thought it'd stink--Pixar has earned the benefit of the doubt--but I really didn't have much idea what it was all about. Not too NASCAR-ry--and what there is, is handled tongue-in-cheekly--and you begin to relate to the cars fairly quickly. Great desert scenery, too.

(BTW lunch was popcorn, Jelly Bellys, and generic gummy bears. Mmmmm.)

Hope your Dad's Day was faboo as well.


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