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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Busy Week

Well, parts of it.

Today was the final program for VBS during church. I was in the soundbooth, running both the audio (soundboard) and visual (video projectors, hopping back between MediaShout and PowerPoint). I heard Phil stole the show with his dance moves. I didn't see much from my vantage point at the back of the room, but someone should be sending me pix.

(Dina tracked us down at WalMart after church. Unfortunately she was leaning into the car to leave us a note when I arrived with a shopping cart of Pepsi multipacks and assorted oddments. Seeing someone halfway in, halfway out of the driver's seat at the WalMart parking lot when you're not expecting anyone will get your heart a'pumpin'. Fortunately I recognized her before going all Hong Kong Phooey...)

Summer camp was getting underway when we got home; lots of hub-bub.

Phil's mini-session starts Tuesday afternoon. The same day I have a dental cleaning in the morning and a short story appears at DKA Magazine. Somewhen between now and then I'll need to pick up a late-arriving counselor from Ukraine (his NYC flight today was cancelled; not sure yet when he'll be rescheduled).

Phil's birthday is Wednesday, but as he's a camper we'll be celebrating Friday after his session ends.

On Saturday, in lieu of a big party, we're doing waterpark, pizza, minigolf and whoknowswhatelse with his friend Jackson. (Here's the two of them after church this morning.)

And only six month's-worth of shopping days until Christmas.


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