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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Goodwill Haul

Dina had to run some errands in town today, so Phil and I tagged along and hit a Goodwill Superstore that opened recently off of Delta Highway in Eugene. What'd we get?

The Snow Files: The Film Music of Mark Snow: a 31-minute X-Files suite and another forty-plus minutes of other stuff.

Star Power: Louis Armstrong: A Canadian release, seems to be of the K-Tel or "Right Price" low-budget variety. (Sorry Canada if this is a premiere label...)

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills (graphic novel): This is going for as low as $30 on the Amazon reseller circuit, I paid a buck (some cover scuffage, but quite nice inside).

"The Yellow Wallpaper" and Other Stories by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Dover Thrift Edition): TYP is an awesome story, the slim volume includes six others. Hopefully it'll play nice with my Dover Thrifts of W.S. Gilbert's
Mikado and Kipling's Gunga Din and Other Light Favorites Favorite Poems.

Eyes of Elisha by Brandilyn Collins (with the original cover).

I also grabbed (for Dina) a couple CDs by George Winston (December and Winter into Spring), The Dreams of Children by Shadowfax, and a book, Camp Counseling by A. Viola Mitchell, et. al.--turns out this was a textbook Dina used back in her leisure rec. days at U of O (not this specific book, but still ... good times).

Phil got a Batman action figure and a mostly-intact Batmobile for said figure to drive around in, fight crime, crush toes, smash ankles, etc.

Not a bad deal for twenty bucks.


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