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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me

Today is Dina's and my 17th annivesary. I could complain about her having gone back to California to see her parents, but as far as I know grouse isn't in season and I've never cared for gamebirds much anyway. Plus I don't want to be pessimistic whiny guy; so let's put a positive spin on things.

For our anniversary this year, Dina gave me a day to work on my novel without distractions. (Three or four, actually, but there's housework to be done as well.) So today I'm going to remove myself to an undisclosed location, deep within the mountain, and see if I can polish up three or four chapters.

If you're reading this on the free wi-fi in the lobby of the Garberville Best Western: Happy Anniversary, Dina. L2LUB! I love you best. And always. -- Pinky


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Nuts! I thought you loved me best.

Anyway, congrats on 17 years. That's huge. Alicia and I just made it to 10.

Blogger michael snyder, at 10:32 PM  
Congrats, Chris. Jim & I did 25 last Tuesday...also apart. He's working out of town these days, so **shrug. We celebrated on Thursday. Happy revising!
Blogger Valerie Comer, at 6:08 PM  
Mike, you'll always be special to me. Short bus special, but special nonetheless.

Congrats Val. Dina and I are planning our big celebration in December when we take my folks on a Baja cruise for their 40th (along with my brother, his family, and my sisters). BTW, I didn't know you could get married at age 4 ... you wacky Canadians.

Blogger Chris, at 10:27 PM  
Congrats Chris (and Dina)! Bob and I have been married almost 28 (but it really doesn't seem that long). Here's how we celebrated our first anniversary: We went to McDonald's and had Julia with us -- she was one month old. :) The cruise sounds fun.

Blogger lindaruth, at 9:03 AM  
Har har har, Chris. We were cradle robbers for sure. No cruises in our budget this year. Maybe someday.
Blogger Valerie Comer, at 8:51 PM  

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