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Friday, August 26, 2005

Making the Mountie Blush

Last month I dug a couple DVDs out of the $5 bin at Fred Meyer. One was the second volume of The Ray Bradbury Theater. The other was the series finale of Due South. I see there are affordable boxed sets at Amazon, but until Christmas rolls around I'll have to get my mountie fix from this disc (and my memories -- favorite recurring lines: "Don't be silly, Ray" and "Thank you kindly").

One problem: when I plug the DVD into my PowerBook, it puts an icon on my desktop identifying the disc as Intimate Nights. I've heard of hiding smut inside something innocent looking, but not the other way round.
RCMP Constable Benton Fraser: If you think I'm embarrassed, you're sorely mistaken.
Chicago PD Detective Ray Vecchio: Oh, yeah, that's why you're turning the color of your uniform.
That Benton....

Apropos of very little, here's another classic exchange:
Vecchio: Ah. here it is. 'Lloyd P. Nash.' You want to know what the 'P' stands for?
Fraser: Is it pertinent?
Vecchio: Not even close.


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