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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Photo Extravaganza - Day 1

Today I took 50 pictures of the boy and boy-related stuff.

Maybe 25 turned out good, but even that's more than I care to subject people to all at once. Plus, if I can stretch it out over four or so days, then I don't have to think up creative entries every day (which day, you're wondering, did I ever bother to do that before, huh?).

So here're four pix for today:
  1. Phil with his backpack, trekking toys up to "the Barn"

  2. Phileolithic Chalkogram 1: We think this means "monkeyboy"

  3. Phileolithic Chalkogram 2: We think this means "she who must be obeyed"

  4. Phileolithic Chalkogram 3: We think this means "bringer of spankings"
Coming soon: The Joustmobile


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COOL Looking backpack!
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