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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Plot Thickens

Over at the NaNoWriMo website, there's a MessageBoard (forum) topic: One paragraph description of your Story.

Here's mine:

When David Graham arrived in town he expected to write a quick human-interest story and be on his way. Instead, a revivalist tent-meeting causes him to confront demons from his past - as well as a present-day demon intent on raising the dead and unleashing a harrowing zombie attack on the community.
Oooooh ... spooky!
(one part Elmer Gantry, one part Herbert West, Reanimator, two parts Oklahoma (by The Call), shake well, pour over ice, serve with a twist)
The Gantry and Reanimator parts are more thematic than contributory to the plot (the revivalist's name is Herbert Gantt, so if you catch the reference you might suspect something's up early on). The song Oklahoma (lyrics here) is really what prompted the story; I have no idea what the song means - the novel is partly an attempt to make some sense of it (Copyright lawyers, please note, although these three works contributed to inspire the novel, the novel is in no way derivative of any or all of them. Furthermore, the novel is set in Oregon, not Oklahoma, which, beyond having the same initial, have little else in common. Thank you for your attention. That is all.)


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