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Monday, January 05, 2009

Fun with Flair

Over the Christmas break I finally spent some time on Facebook, updating my status every day or two, chatting occasionally with friends (though we usually switched over to GMail chat), and messing about with flair (little buttons with fun sayings and/or pictures). Even made some of my own flair. So far the most popular is Team Spike (I made "Team" flair for all the major Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampires -- including the short-lived Vamp Willow -- to go old-school on all the Twilight groupies).

Right now I'm without Photoshop on the MacBook, so I grabbed pix off Google Images and manipulated them using FotoFlexor online before uploading them Facebook.

Thus far I've made seven pieces to "express myself" -- far short of the requisite 37 pieces, though I do have another 27 pieces on my profile page. (Only four more and Stan, the Chotchkie's manager, will quit nag-nag-naggin me...)

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