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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boy Wonder and Then Some

Third grade means actual letter grades for Phil. Yesterday he stewed most of the time his teacher handed out certificates to students who earned "all A's and B's" to the kids in the class. Poor Phil, no certificate for you.

Oh, wait ... there's a certificate for straight A's.

And I get one?

Oh. OK, then.

In other news, Phil made me a card for my 40th birthday (today, we're going bowling later). The message on the card:
You are...
smart, funny, cool and sweet...
did I mention nice and old?
Happy 40th.




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Happy Birthday! You can save that card and show Phil when he gets close to 40. :)

40 isn't so bad. In a couple of days my oldest child turns 30. I really don't think I should be old enough to have a child that's 30, but I guess I am.

Have a great day!
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