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Monday, December 01, 2008

Say Hello To My New Little Friend

I got some bonus money last month (don't ask how, it involves voodoo math that makes my brain hurt), which came in handy in replacing my aged (5-ish year old) PowerBook with a new MacBook.

A lot has changed in five years.

I had been running the 10.3.9 version of the operating system (OS X); now I've got 10.5.5. So new to me are the multitouch trackpad (tap click, 2-finger scroll, 3-finger back/forward navigation swipe, 4-finger application switching, etc.), the built-in camera, the new iTunes "Genius" feature, etc.

The only thing I'm bummed-ish about is I can no longer stick the Dock at top of the screen. The left side works OK, but I really liked being able to get it completely out of the way except when I wanted to empty the trash.

The magnetic power connector is kinda nifty. Tripping over the cord causes it to disconnect from the Mac, rather than tumbling the laptop to the floor or damaging the connector. Seems I'm tripping over the cord more often than I remember with the PowerBook, tho.... The keys on the keyboard are different, but they're not problematic; and with the model I got they're still backlit. The glossy screen doesn't reflect glare nearly as much as I thought it would, but it's so bright the old PowerBook screen seems very dim by comparison. And I can't seem to remember that tap-clicking doesn't work with the old model....

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the next five years with this Mac.

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Cool. This is a little freaky, too, because a few weeks ago we received some extra funds and I got a Macbook Pro. It's supposed to be for both of us, but Bob is still more comfortable with the aging Mac clone that was a newspaper reject and only runs version 8.1. :) The new computer is very shiny and I love it. But, yeah, Leopard is different (even from Tiger, which I use at work, but we're upgrading soon).
I'm still figuring out all to cool stuff it does.
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