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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Looking for a Tax Write-Off?

Sure you could write a check to your church, put "baptismal dunk-tank" in the memo.

Or "extra-slidey pew polish." Or "sparkling Communion juice."

Or you could do something really cool.

ccPublishing NFP is a 501c3 nonprofit, publisher of the (once quarterly, now biannual-till-the-economy-turns-around) Relief Journal and Coach's Midnight Journal. Both publications feature Christian writing that "won't make you gag": literary fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in the Journal, good genre fiction in the Diner.

A week of Christmas deals starts up tomorrow, so you can write a check, get a subscription, a mug, or who-knows-what-else (probably not pew polish, though). Or you could just write a check and help out with the non-pledge drive. See the graphic below to see how much more needs to be raised to fund 2009's efforts.

Tote bag not included.

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