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Monday, March 24, 2008

That "Thing About Spiders"

My short story "A Thing about Spiders" is now available online at Fear and Trembling magazine.

Here's the opening:
Roger woke from two hours’ sleep, listening. Footsteps? Engine ticking itself cool? Anything? He let out his breath long and slow. Only a dream.

Just to make sure, he grabbed his shotgun and removed the black-rubber knothole plug at the front of cabin. The road leading up from Santa Cruz was quiet. Peepholes in the windowless north and south walls showed more of the same, just a four-point black-tail buck fifty feet beyond the north wall begging to become a hatrack. The last thing Roger needed, though, was for a game warden to hear the blast and stop by to check permits.

There was no need to peek out the fourth wall, in the bedroom. He was pretty sure they weren’t sending frogmen after him.
Hmmmm ... intriguing.

And, c'mon, how can you resist a short story with a tagline like "Revenge is a dish best served with something other than pork and beans"?


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