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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hinky Preview

My short story "Hinky Jenks" is the back-of-the-book freebie in Relief Quarterly 2.1. Later this year the story will appear in Coach's Midnight Diner II (Eclectic Boogaloo?), but you can read it -- and a bunch of other fine fiction, poetry, and creative non-fic -- now in Relief.

Here's the intro:
Hinky Jenks, Madelyn Argent and me, we could’ve changed the world. Now I’m here alone with the envelope from Maddy’s father, and the priest with a click-clack heel on one of his shoes is walking the cellblock toward me.

Damn you, Jenks.

My death warrant expires in nine hours. No chance of a reprieve.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Kind of a film noir meets The Twilight Zone wrapped up in a Hitchcockian undershirt sort of thing. How many other stories make that sort of claim?

Get your copy (or a whole year's worth) today!

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